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For full documentation see

This download area is for the automated daily build of the GO
Database, containing NO associations to gene products

This build is NOT manually checked; the build is automated, and there
is always a small possibility that problems could arise during the
build process. We try and anticipate these problems and build in
automated checks; however, it is not always possible to anticipate all
possible problems.

For a release that is manually QC'd, see the monthly download area

This release is a "termdb" build only - for a build that contains
associations to gene products, please see the monthly download area.


*FILE: go_daily-termdb-tables.tar.gz

This is the mysql dump for the GO database - to import into a local db:

  tar -zxvf go_daily-termdb-tables.gz
  cd go_daily-termdb-tables
  echo "create database mygo" | mysql
  cat *.sql | mysql mygo
  mysqlimport -L mygo *.txt

*FILE: go_daily-termdb-data.gz

This is a mysql dump as SQL statements - this may be more portable for
importing into non-mysql databases

*FILE: go_daily-schema-mysql.sql.gz    ### No longer provided as of 2011-01-27

This is the SQL DDL for the full GO Database
(note that many of these tables will not be populated, because this is a "termdb")

For complete, up to date schema documentation please refer to

*FILE: go_daily-termdb.rdf.gz

This is the RDF-XML dump of the termdb

*FILE: go_daily-termdb.obo-xml.gz

Obo-XML Export (this XML format is still in beta and subject to change)


*FILE: go_daily-termdb.owl.gz

OWL Export (the Obo-OWL mapping is still in beta and subject to change)


*FILE: go_daily.dtd.gz

The DTD for the above

*FILE: go_daily-utilities-src.tar.gz

The go-perl and go-db-perl tools for accessing the GO database

See for details

*FILE: go_daily.autoQC

A summary of the contents of some of the above files


Email the go-database mail list; go to

And click on "Mail List" in the sidebar

Be sure to have read the rest of the database documentation before
asking a question